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Posted on 22/05/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

God bless our families 

There’s a very difficult simple thing that we need to do. Children watch what parents do better than they listen to what they (parents) say. If we want them to do anything, we have a better chance of successfully convincing them to do it if it’s something that we, ourselves, do. The weirdness of this […]

Posted on 24/03/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Regarding Sesethu… You are not the video. 

Regarding Sesethu, the young girl whose masturbation video went viral; to her and everyone who’s ever done something that shamed them…  If you don’t have the time or appetite for reading long posts, the summary is this message to her: You are not the video. If you know her, tell her that. I was her, […]

Posted on 22/03/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Karma will not reverse the damage

The problem with being nice is that niceness looks and feels like patience, kindness, humility, etc; and it looks and feels like it deserves all of that in return. Nice people are likeable and easy to trust, forgive, love, and so on; but the problem is that life is no respector of niceness. Rain and […]

Posted on 07/02/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Why front row seats should be free (cont…)

​My friend then saw a certain friend of his walking towards us and introduced him to me. He turned out to be a famous musician whose music I like a lot. He looked somewhat different in person. Incidentally, we’d talked about his music in passing before the show started. This was a front-row-seat moment for […]

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Why front row seats should be free.

​I sat on the front row at the movies, the other day, and the screen wouldn’t fit in the frame of my specs because I was too close. If that doesn’t make sense to you because you’ve never worn specs before: imagine that you’re standing behind a closed door and want to peep in at […]

Posted on 23/11/2016 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Show off

So… Akere – among ourselves – we are either broke or we haven’t been wealthy for long so we don’t know what we don’t know about becoming wealthy and staying wealthy and we think about being wealthy in terms of lifestyle/social status. Yes? So we think luxury cars, expensive clothes, fun stuff, being the envy […]

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Bad boy — when no one’s looking (part 1)

“You know what, I can’t keep explaining the same thing. What you’re asking me, I’ve explained to the guy who forwarded my call to you. And that was after I had explained it to the previous guy. And each of you keep saying you’re capturing this call on your system. What am I missing here?!? […]

Posted on 25/05/2016 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Of smells, scents and race …

You can tell whether someone is black or white based on their natural scent, right? Anyway I think I can, even when it’s mixed with cologne. Yesterday I sat next to a white guy as we waited for the start of the conference we were attending. My cell was on vibration mode so that I don’t […]