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Bad boy — when no one’s looking (part 1)

“You know what, I can’t keep explaining the same thing. What you’re asking me, I’ve explained to the guy who forwarded my call to you. And that was after I had explained it to the previous guy. And each of you keep saying you’re capturing this call on your system. What am I missing here?!? […]

Posted on 08/10/2016 by S'phiwe on Polotiks

Many white supremacy stalwarts are, in fact, black

An average black person’s “I am not inferior” is weaker than an “I am not inferior” of an average white supremacist (including those white supremacists who are not, themselves, white). Similarly, an average white supremacist’s “I am superior” speaks louder than an “I am superior” of an average black person. Why? 1. It’s a battle […]