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Posted on 31/12/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Setting boundaries without being emotionally guarded

Most black people are uncomfortable with setting boundaries because they were raised in a society that taught them to optimistically trust and respect everyone: from the drunken uncle to the nasty auntie who had a sense of entitlement, to the neighbourhood middle-aged man who was mentally unstable. Everybody, including strangers, could send us to the […]

Posted on 20/12/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

When the tuck shop owner dies

In townships, we’ve always observed the common tragedy of family businesses that do well until the founding entrepreneur (typically the father) dies or is otherwise incapacitated, and then it becomes obvious that no one else had the necessary ability to keep the business going. I’ve had the privilege of observing this fairly closely. The business […]

Posted on 22/05/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

God bless our families 

There’s a very difficult simple thing that we need to do. Children watch what parents do better than they listen to what they (parents) say. If we want them to do anything, we have a better chance of successfully convincing them to do it if it’s something that we, ourselves, do. The weirdness of this […]

Posted on 24/03/2017 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Regarding Sesethu… You are not the video. 

Regarding Sesethu, the young girl whose masturbation video went viral; to her and everyone who’s ever done something that shamed them…  If you don’t have the time or appetite for reading long posts, the summary is this message to her: You are not the video. If you know her, tell her that. I was her, […]