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Posted on 02/12/2016 by S'phiwe on Inspires me

Dear black young person

There will always be someone better looking, smarter, etc, than you. But you shouldn’t be depressed about that; half the time, YOU will be that person to someone else. The only person you should ever try to outdo is yourself.

Drinking alcohol frequently, excessively, or for comfort during difficult times is a bad idea because it’s habit forming and wires your brain to depend on it in the long run, which costs more time and money than meets the eye. The same goes for smoking. Be wary of mind-altering substances.

Choosing a life partner
You can never please everyone so: know yourself; stand for something shamelessly and be liked or hated for it, as the case will be. This way, you only attract and get attracted to like-minded people and repel those you don’t need. Remember, your children will be like whoever you settle with in ways you can’t control. Learn to accept that person’s negatives.

Value good friendships (with like-minded people) and don’t shut them out when you meet your life partner. You’ll be shocked at how things change once you are out of school. No longer will you be hanging out with people your own age. You might get a job in an office full of married 40-year olds (or older).

Explore a lot of activities that you enjoy, and then sift out the one you struggle to stop doing once you start – one you wouldn’t mind doing everyday without pay – then do it everyday, and then A WHOLE LOT MORE. If you can reach 10 000 hours of doing it, you’ll be in the “best in the world” category. See Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers

Most successful people enjoy imparting their knowledge. Find those who are doing things you like and ask them for monthly appointments where you ask questions about how to make a career out of the activity you chose above. Don’t waste their time or bore them, they want to help you, not hang out pointlessly. Prepare questions that actually bother you.

Use the skill you learned: volunteer. Give it your best shot all the time. Never do half measures. Don’t just do it as a dress rehearsal for work, plan to always make time to make a difference in a needy person’s life.

Respect for elders
Respect for elders is not backwards. It doesn’t mean fearing them or opening yourself up to abuse.

You are likely to make more money than your parents have ever made. Continue to respect them.

Get an education: formal and/or informal and don’t plan to stop learning. You will need to keep up with trends in your industry. Read every book you can find about your chosen career. Learn about your culture from your folks and from African literature.

TV, etc
Do not be mindless if you choose to consume TV, radio, magazines, etc. Inform yourself about the dangers of subliminal messaging.

Develop an interest in how business works so that you employ yourself and others if necessary. This knowledge will be very beneficial even if you stay employed all your life.

Live courageously. Bad things happen to cautious people too, but that’s not why you should be courageous. Chase your heart’s dreams. You’ll need courage for that.

Girls and clothing
It’s hard for boys to want anything more than sex from a girl who wears revealing clothes. Also, a woman who dresses modestly is the hardest to disrespect or not take seriously. And when it comes to job seeking, business proposals, etc, dressing modestly makes it easy to take you seriously.

Boys and clothing
Clothes don’t have to be expensive. As soon as you can afford, invest in formal clothes.

Self expressiveness
Learn to say what you mean and to mean what you say. Read a lot so that you learn different ways of expressing thoughts. Know how to be expressive in your mother tongue as well as in English. Twanging doesn’t make you a smart person, aim for the ability to convey your thoughts with clarity and convincingly.

When your fortune turns
Always remember what it was like to be hungry and keep moving your own goal posts so that you are always trying to achieve something that scares you. And remember, people do business with people, not with businesses. Always return calls.

If a meeting is at 16:00, be there no later than 15:45, as a habit. And don’t expect anyone to remind you closer to the time

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