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Posted on 17/03/2016 by S'phiwe on Pointless

Dear Sis Dolly

The Scandinavian/Nordic sounding couple sitting next to me… They are quirky. The gentleman is loud like African guys in a noisy pub, I can’t tell if the lady’s even responding at all – she’s that quiet.
Suddenly, the lady jumps and then sits down with feet in the air, wiping the feet as if she felt a crawling insect. The guy sits unaffected. I ask if she’s ok and she looks at me like I might have been that crawling insect and then, in a heartbeat, she softly says “I’ll be fine, thank you” and gets back to the wiping frenzy.
A while later, her slice of bread drops to the floor and she looks so upset as she stares at the bread… Dude is unaffected again. Waitress picks it up and that seems to disturb her trance and she goes back to eating…. I almost offered to pay for a replacement slice but this couple looks like they function from a different set of rules from ours. So it felt safer to live and let live.
The point of my post, you ask? Oh there is absolutely none whatsoever. #justSaying #pointless
If that’s a problem, then please go ahead and #UnconfuseMe
Thank you 🙂 #shrugz